Payment methods

There are many ways of paying us for a trip, please discuss to find out which method is both most convenient and cheapest.

Deposit payment

In order of preference:

From the USA:

send through bank transfer.

From elsewhere:

– bank transfer (but more expensive; send 30% – 50% or full payment to save on fees).

Balance payment

From the USA:

  • a bank transfers.
  • cash on arrival (pay 30% – 50% deposit to carry less cash)

From elsewhere:

– a bank transfer (all fees borne by you)

– cash on arrival (pay a 30% – 50% deposit to carry less cash)

Additional hotel nights

These can be paid up front or alternatively locally in cash hard currency or local currency.

Paying a trip deposit

So, are you ready to pay a deposit?


Before you pay us, first you should have:

– been in contact with us

– booked your international flights (and domestic flights to Leh/Kathmandu, if applicable)

– signed the Acknowledgement of Risk, Waiver and Release

– filled in the Contract and Booking form

– booked travel insurance

Now you are ready…


For our trips we take a US$500 for Treks and US$1000 for expeditions deposit covered by the fine print in the Contract and booking form:

45 days or less than 45 days before the first day of the expedition or trek, then the full price of the trip will be forfeited.

Need to check any details?